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If you have spent any amount of time in South Korea you will almost definitely already appreciate the extreme importance that food has here. Walk around an area such as Gangnam (Kangnam) and you will see literally a few hundred places to eat. Such a high percentage of people eat out. You will also have noticed that garlic seems to be in almost everything!

Whilst in Seoul it has inspired me to make my own list of the 5 Best Garlic drinks.
1. Honey, Lemon and Garlic drink – This drink is a great remedy for coughs and colds. It is prepared by steeping two or more whole peeled garlic cloves in honey for a couple of hours. The honey is then added to hot water with a few drops of lemon for taste.
2. Garlic Tea – For this drink, one can use any kind of tea, however black tea is recommended. The preparation is fairly simple, with the ingredients being a clove of garlic, one tea bag and some honey. The garlic and the tea are brewed together to the desired level. The honey is then added for flavour.
3. Garlic Smoothie – For people who enjoy vegetable based shakes or even banana shakes, adding one clove of garlic to the ingredients will not only boost the taste, but also greatly increase the health benefits.
4. Tomato and Garlic Drink – For people who like tomato juice, this drink will prove to be much more interesting. It is prepared by adding a clove of garlic to two apples and two tomatoes and blending the ingredients together with a little parsley.
5. Van Helsing – This drink is alcoholic and is prepared by adding some crushed garlic to a chilled martini glass along with a thin slice of onion. On top of this, a martini made up of three parts gin and one part Vermouth is added and the whole drink is garnished with a clove of garlic.