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[Promotion Clip] 박진영 망치춤 JYP hammer Dancehe has been practicing dance break for the exclusive concert.From:jypentertainmentViews:1983512 4061ratingsTime:00:58More inEntertainment
Notice of an upcoming recital by Leeds prizewinner Sunwook Kim.Date: Friday 10 December 2010Time: 7:00-8:00pm (Concert), 8:00-9:30pm (Reception)Venue: The Korean Cultural Centre UK, Ground Floor, Grand Buildings, 1-3 Strand, London WC2N 5BWRSVP: Booking is required. Please email [email protected] or call 020 7004 2600 to reserve your place. Admission is free.Programme:Beethoven Sonata in E major, op.109Beethoven Sonata in C sharp minor, op.27-2Schubert 4 Impromptus D 89921-year-old Sunwook Kim came to international recognition when he won the prestigious Leeds International Piano Competition in 2006. The competition’s youngest winner for 40 years, as well as its first Asian winner, his performance for the finals of Brahms’s Concerto No.1 with Mark Elder attracted unanimous praise from the press, and led to concerto engagements with some of the UK’s finest orchestras as well as recitals throughout Europe.Over the past season he has appeared as concerto soloist in the subscription serie
A photo from Seonyu island in the middle of the Han river. An absolutely beautiful place to visit in the autumn (or pretty much anytime of year).
What’s better than photos of Asia’s sexiest man? How about a video? KoreAm is proud to present to you exclusive footage from our shoot with Jang Dong Gun for our December cover. We bring you a behind the scenes look at what went on during the photoshoot in order to bring you our December issue. [...]Related posts:The Warrior’s Way Trailer ReleasedBehind The Scenes of KoreAm’s September CoverLong Duk Dong and the Minority Actor’s Dilemma
I can't help but be excited by Shim Hyung-rae's new film, "The Last Godfather". His last cinematic effort, D-War, was a joyously bad sci-fi epic and his comedy take on the mafia looks like it will be even more entertaining.From the trailer it seems as if he's trying to add a Charlie Chaplin feel to his creation, but if the slapstick is that old and the jokes that unfunny then I'm not sure if even the presence of Harvey Keitel will be able to save the film.A quick look on imdb tells me that two of the creators of Garfield The Movie, Cheaper By The Dozen (the Steve Martin remake), as well as Daddy Day Camp (starring Cuba Gooding Jr. and directed by Wonder Years star Fred Savage) have made revisions on the script, so we'll be in safe hands when it comes to laughs, won't we? I really want to see "The Last Godfather" and I sincerely hope that it will turn out to be a fantastic knockabout comedy. However, the little I have seen, has not got my hopes up and I'm prepared for the worst...At le
This tasty little fellow is part of the OKitchen 2 seafood plate. Nine delicious morsels of underwater goodness...The seafood plate comes with specific instructions: Start bottom right and work your way through the schezuan pepper sauce, the okra and perilla leaf sauce and then onto the tasty yet unidentifiable brown sauce. Head up a level and chow down on the crispy crab with squid ink, then the piece of salmon belly and on to the top row. Then it's pickled herring on the right, sweet and sour mackerel in the middle and fish with caviar on a blini. Finally tackle the spicy red one on the left of the middle row - Sea squirt with sesame oil and chili...My love for OKitchen 2 grows each time I visit.
[M/V] 2PM - 10 out of 10 from [Hottest Time of the Day]Performance boy-band 2PM's debut song '10 out of 10'from their 1st single 'Hottest time of the day'.From:jypentertainmentViews:1377052 3357ratingsTime:04:08More inEntertainment
Sometimes kids just really want to chew on a keyboard and Lotte has the perfect solution.Featuring all your favourite keys, 아이조아, is a delicious blueberry and apple flavour treat for the geekiest of sweet lovers. Fancy sucking on an escape button? Have a hankering for a taste of F1 or F4? Not to mention a delicious alt or tab key!1,000 won buys you your own jelly keyboard substitute. Thank you Lotte for serving the computer addicted candy consuming masses.
Happy Halloween everyone! Yes, we know: yesterday was Halloween, but today we’ll still present to you the Halloween Edition of Kpop Music Mondays with Girls’ Generation’s “Hoot.” Now, this video just came out last week, but it’s bound to be huge, as is just about every other SNSD song, so we’ll present it now while it’s still fresh. If you’re a teacher, you’ll probably be seeing your students doing the dance to this a lot, or at least be hearing them singing Hoot in the hallways.Anyway, it was time we did another girls group, since we’ve been doing so many kpop boy bands lately. Question though: anyone else seeing a trend with Girls’ Generation songs? I think Run Devil Run was about a guy that wasn’t treating them right, and this one is about the same, isn’t it? It’s totally bizarre, because I’m sure that any guy dating anyone from Girls Generation would be too busy with his mouth han
It’s almost that time of year again. Your birthday? Nope. Christmas? Nope. You know what we’re talking about. Last year we did How to Dance Kpop 2009 and the year before we did How to Dance Kpop 2008. Since March we’ve been hearing people asking for a new version. And now that the end of the year is approaching, we’re going to start filming for it.However, there seem to be a heap-load more songs this year than last year. Soooooooo….we need your help so we can choose the most memorable performances of the year! And remember, “memorable” doesn’t necessarily mean the best band or the one with the biggest fan group screaming for it. We’re looking for the dances that defined 2010.Vote here for the artists you want to see. You can vote for up to three different artists. Voting will end December 13th, and our full How to Dance Kpop 2010 video will be released December 27th, so mark the date! Huzzah! View PollFor the original post
[M/V Making Film] WonderGirls "Nobody"WonderGirls "Nobody" Music Video Making Film www.dosirak.comFrom:jypentertainmentViews:778326 590ratingsTime:06:26More inEntertainment
[Undisclosed Clip]2PM "10 out of 10" Undisclosed Practicing Video ClipThis clip is taken before 2PM's debut, where they are practicing in the film. You will find their natural lives and freshness from the film.From:jypentertainmentViews:701995 1699ratingsTime:03:18More inEntertainment
[Invitation] Wonder Girls,2AM,2PM introduce "KoreaFoodExpo2008"WonderGirls, 2AM, 2PM are introducing "Korea Food Expo 2008". Hello! This is 2PM, 2AM, Wonder Girls We are participating in 2008 Korea! This event is very meaningful to us, because producer, Jin Young Park has directed this whole event~! Moreover, we, Wonder Girls sang the theme song of 2008 Korea Food Expo and it will be first open to public in the event! I believe you will be meeting us there, right? We will be waiting at Seoul Gwangjang(서울광장) on 12 of October. Please come and join us! See you then~!~From:jypentertainmentViews:354200 196ratingsTime:00:49More inEntertainment
[M/V B-side Ver.]2PM - "10 out of 10" [for fans, old school ver.]JYP's exclusive boy band 2PM! This is 2PM's new music video. 2PMs first single Hottest time of the day is the best album of 2008 which shows all of the skills of 2PM members; Acrobatic, b-boying, singing, dancing. 2PM is expected to present a real shock with their unique style through choreography, music, or even through their fashion.From:jypentertainmentViews:160259 358ratingsTime:03:18More inEntertainment
[M/V B-side Ver.]2PM - "10 out of 10" [special clip for fans]JYP's exclusive boy band 2PM! This is 2PM's new music video for fans. 2PMs first single Hottest time of the day is the best album of 2008 which shows all of the skills of 2PM members; Acrobatic, b-boying, singing, dancing. 2PM is expected to present a real shock with their unique style through choreography, music, or even through their fashion.From:jypentertainmentViews:1572766 4102ratingsTime:03:25More inEntertainment

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