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…in Yoo Ji-tae’s directorial feature, that is. As previously announced, Yoo is following his recent wedding to actress Kim Hyo-jin by diving back to work, now that his debut directorial feature has secured funding. He’s now locked Bae Soo-bin (49 Days, Dong Yi) in as the film’s leading man.

The project’s title has been tweaked to A Boy Dreams of Sansevieria; sansevieria is the name of a plant that colloquially goes by the names devil’s tongue, snake plant, and mother-in-law’s tongue. The story is a coming-of-age story about a young man who runs away from home and ends up traveling with a Filipina woman.

Bae Soo-bin plays the young man… and I hope there’s something else to that story, because as baby-faced as he is, he also totally looks his age (34). Not at all the kind of youth who’d be running away from home and coming of age. But Yoo Ji-tae has established a thoughtful, introspective directorial style with his previous four shorts, so I’m sure he knows what he’s about.

A Boy Dreams of Sansevieria will begin shooting in January.

Via Star News


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