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Lunar New Year in Korea is a time for getting together with family, honoring ancestors and eating a bowl of rice cake soup for good luck.  If you are a K-pop fan, it is also about idol-filled specials on all of the networks and festive greetings from your favorite stars dressed up in the traditional Korean hanboks.  From simple to elaborate and everything in between, let’s see who rocked the hanbok with well wishes for 2012!

The 8-member group Nine Muses, currently promoting their new single ‘News,’ donned pink skirts with a variety of different tops, some featuring rainbow stripes while others had floral embroidery; pastel hues and aegyo dominated throughout.  Chocolat, minus the ill Jaeyoon, wore relatively plain solid colors for their individual shots.  Dal Shabet shows fans their love for the new year, with their members in a mix of styles, while T-ara members made cute faces in their striped-sleeve ensembles.  A Pink, a group who’s popularity is on the rise, also sent their greetings this year.  I’m sure they won’t mind if their good luck continues in the Year of the Dragon.  Their look was similar to that of Nine Muses, but featured a good amount of embroidery.

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