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Ratings this week settled in at 12.8%, which isn’t too bad – though considering that its only big competition this week was MBC’s Light and Shadow, those ratings aren’t necessarily great, either. And with Dream High 2 airing next week, the chances for History of the Salaryman to become a ratings hit are slim. Ratings for this show have been uneven since the beginning – which is a bit strange, since most of the time we either see a steady (or massive) rise or decline. In this case, the ratings just sort of jump around week to week on a whim. The series high came during last week’s Episode 5 at 13.5%, though they dropped to 11.5% at Episode 6. And now we’re back at 12.8% – go figure.

I sincerely love this show for all its quirks and absurdities, which might be the very thing working against it as far as mainstream audiences go. I find myself wanting Salaryman to succeed all the more – precisely because it is such a breath of fresh air in the drama landscape. Either way, my fingers are crossed for next week. Let’s make some magic happen!

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