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Kim Dong Ryul New Album kimdongrYULE

Kim Dong Ryul New Album kimdongrYULE

Kim Dong Ryul (김동률) is a Korean musician, composer and singer. He is a popular artist who composes, arranges, writes lyrics, produces, and performs his own music. He has been active since 1993.

It’s been 3 years and 10 months since Kim Dong Ryul last released a solo album with all new songs. He finally made a return to the music charts today with a heart-touching ballad, “Replay”, and plans to hold concerts in Seoul on December 24th and 26th.

Kim Dong Ryul has been loved by the public for the past 17 years with his numerous ballad songs including, “Should I tell my love again”, “Saying I love you”, and “Like a child” with hardly any promotions on TV shows.

Album : kimdongrYULE

Singer : Kim Dong Ryul

Release : 15 November, 2011

Label : Loen Entertainment

Tracklist :

1. Prayer

2. 크리스마스잖아요 (It’s Christmas)

3. 크리스마스 선물 (Christmas Gift)

4. 겨울잠 (Hibernation)

5. 새로운 시작 (New start) (Feat. 박새별)

6. 한 겨울밤의 꿈 (The dream of a winter’s night)

7. Replay

8. 우리가 세상을 살아가는 법 (How the world we live)(Feat. Friends)

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